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  1. James

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    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong please....

    I downloaded some new themes for my XP and can't get them to work. I created a theme directory under my user directory (documents and settings) and unzipped them there. Then when I use the desktop properties dialog and browse there and select the .theme file, it doesn't display. It just goes to a basic screen.

    If I use explorer and browse there, I see another file with thte theme name with an .msstyles extension. How can I apply them when the theme browser only seems to look for .theme files?

    Is there a way to apply new themes?

    Thanks, James
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    The only way to use an unsigned theme is if you've installed StylesXP. If you have that installed then you can just double click on the msstyles file(s) to load the basic skin of the theme (w/o all the extras settings like wallpaper, cursors, etc.).

    A lot of these were created by hacking the original Luna theme and you'll have to navigate to Display properties and selecting the "hacked" color scheme. To do this right click on a blank area of your desktop> select "properties"> "appearance" tab> and then go to the pulldown menu "color scheme" and go through the available options until you find the one represented.

    XP will NOT allow you to load an unsigned theme until you've run Styles XP... it will only revert to the default theme.
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    Look under Windows\Resources\Themes
    and put them there.

    Then go to your desktop, right mouseclick and properties
    See if they re-appear there.

    A site to get themes is
  4. James

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    Thanks guys.

    I guess my next task will be to look for Styles XP.

    Any thoughts on where to get it? Is it 3rd party?

  5. Lonman

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