themes work, but not on task bar or start menue. Please help.

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Evil-Termite, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Hello, I have a Dell laptop and it's only a couple months old. The exe program didn't work so I used winrar to unload the files to get the .dll that way. Then I tried to put it into windows/system32. Windows said it was being used already. So I booted into the dos prompt. That said it was being used. So then I booted in with the windowsXP cd and used the command line there to transfer in the dll and it finally let me. YAY! it worked. Sort of. The themes work but it won't do the task bar or start menue. They are in the windows 98 look. : ( I tried changing to the generic winXP theme. . still the 98 look on the task bar and the start menue. Has anyone fixed this problem and if so what is the solution?
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    You do know that themes don't work in xp? It uses things called msstyles.
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    No, I didn't know that themes didn't work with windows XP. So then that's why the .theme files that I downloaded from don't work quite right? So if I find a .msstyles file on a website and dl it then it will work correctly? Thanks for being patient with me.
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    Well, I went to c:\windows\resources\themes and in one of the sub folders there I found a .msstyles file so I double clicked on it. The windows XP display window came up showing what the style would look like, so I hit "ok" and it changed to that style. However, the task bar and start menue are still in the normal boring windows 98 look. I feel like I'm missing something here.
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    yah im not quite sure what u went into command prompt for with your xp cd but whatever u did in there messed you up real bad. you should have either downloaded styleXP or the patch that is floating around our forums somewhere that lets u run msstyles do a repaire on your install and see if that fixes your start menu and task bar then install either the UTX.dll patch or the stylexp program
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    Well, I went into the windows xp repair console and deleted the patched uxtheme.dll and on re-boot the windows cd replaced it. The regular windows xp look on the taskbar and start menue worked again! I ran patchXP.exe agian in hopes that it might work but it didn't. So I downloaded and installed styleXP and that worked, but it's only the trial version so it's going to expire eventually.
    I am going to keep trying to get patchXP to work. What is the UTX.dll thing? Is that different than patchXP. I'm going to try and see if I can find that.