The TRON 2.0 Thread

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Vorpal, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Vorpal

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    I'm going out to buy TRON 2.0 tonight on the way to work. I can't find much bad being said about it. The only thing I've heard that I don't like is it's based on the Jupiter engine. I played NOLF2 and really did not like the "feel" of Jupiter. It was not solid feeling like Quake3 or Unreal 2003. I always had problems with the mouse - never being able to get a smooth pixel by pixel scroll with it.

    I never tried the demo, but the screenshots look really cool.

    I hear it's a "different" style of first person shooter, and many are happy that something a little different has been doon with a FPS.

    Well..... :D I should have it when I get home in the morning.

    It's a $49 game, but I just heard it's $39 at Best Buy right now and they have a ton of copies.

    I also hear that if you have > 2Ghz and a 9700 or 9800 video card (like me :D) then you can jack up FSAA and Ansiotropic Filtering all the way in the drivers and TRON 2.0 will play completly fluid.

    Everyone seems to love this game.... I can't wait.

    Gamespy just put up a good review of the game:

  2. funky dredd

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    I have been playing the demo for a while now. I really like it. I won't be able to get the game until this weekend, but when I do I'll be sitting in front of this screen for a while :)
  3. jmole

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    Does the game have multiplayer or is it pretty much single player? And if it does have multiplayer does it have a bike game like in the bike scene in the movie?
  4. Sazar

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    there is a multiplayer lightcycle demo out now you can try... it should have been psoted in the game posts on main page of this site or somewhere in the forums... do a search for it and you will get link... :)

    pretty basic and crap imo.. but some like it...
  5. DarkMaster

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    i downloaded the demo ages ago, but never really bothered installing it. what other modes of mulitplayer are there?