The Sims Hot Date AND WINXP

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by image2, Dec 26, 2001.

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    This is a new thread made for Hot Date. The latest expansion has problems with XP. Mine shows splash screen, then nothing. There is no hard disk OR CDROM activity. Also, in the system monitor, the game process never shows up, and under programs (system monitor), it never shows up as well. I have a dual boot so I can play on 98 for now, but I like XP better. I will be trying some application compatiblity tools later today (at work now) and will post the results later. If you read this and your copy works... please post your system and possible what drivers you are running (via 4in1, detenator 2x.xx, ect.) I know there are others who want to play.
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    My System

    AthlonXP 1600 (using Windows update patch for amd prosesor)
    Biostar M7VIB (VIA KT266 chipset)
    Using the onboard sound :eek:
    512 MB DDR-RAM
    Inido GeForce2 Ti 64MB w/tv out
    Maxtor 40GB ATA100
    Lite-on CDRW 24*10*40
    I will post the versions of my drivers when I get home and before I start playing with the MS compatibility tools. BTW, the installed program compatibility tool does NOT work. I tried every setting.
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    This is Maxis' answer to XP. So any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Re: MAXIS

    Dont support EA by buying its games. Then maybe they'll get the message :D

    Seriously, I'm curious why Hot Dates wont work. I have the other 3 Sims games and add-ons, and they work fine. Do you have any Sims games that do work on your comp?

    Maybe I'll take my own advice and not get Hot Dates, even though my kids are begging me for it....
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    Yeah, All of the previous versions work. I do have a log file of the exact areas in which Hot Date crashes. One is in the registry and the other is the temp directory. Maybe I can fake it out using MS compatibility tools... disableing some of the compat. layers and other XP options. The reg. crashes come when it access' the XP skins area, like the new button looks and the new scroll bars, ect. If you want to take a look at it, I have the links for the MS tools and the log file. I will be toying with it tonight... As for your kids, dual boot is how it works for me!
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    Nope, that wont fly with me :D .

    I wont ever let Win9x touch my machine again. If the program wont run, its not worth a hoot in the first place IMHO.

    These games usually wont run due to sloppy programming practices. That usually makes them inherently unstable no matter what OS it runs on. That means it doesnt touch my computer.

    W2K/XP have the HAL buffer for a reason. It offers better protection, so that programs cant go haywire on your hardware. And the HAL and DirectX/OpenGL work better than in W2K, so that speeds are comparable to Win9x, *IF* the game is properly coded, and not designed by retarded monkeys

    Thats my $.02
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    Good points! Here is a letter to EA support... Somehow I think they will delete this one though... ;)

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    Hot Date works here..............

    I am using AMD 900, 256 Ram, GeForce 2MX (21.81 drivers) SBLive with unsigned Creative XP drivers. Other stuff but shouldn't affect how it runs.
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    James, is that XP home or XP prof? Also, what motherboard are you running? Is that a VIA chipset? IF so, what 4in1 driver version are you running? Any extra info will help me find the problem that plauges most users.
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    wow! just for a giggle I thought Id try to install this.
    What I did was do one game at a time with a reboot each time.
    I did the original game, reboot, living large, reboot, house party, reboot and then did hot date and then rebooted.. and wow! it works!

    did nothing special other than reboot after each install.

    thought Id share this.
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    XP Pro (upgrade). I am using an Epox 8KTA3 with Via KT133a chipset. I do not use the VIA 4in1 drivers (never like 'em). I am just using whatever drivers Windows installed to my system.

    My video is an MSI GeForce 2MX 32 Meg Starforce (817 I think) running NVidia reference drivers 21.81 I believe.

    Sound runs through a Soundblaster Live! value with the drivers Creative supplies for XP (unsigned last I checked).

    I have 256 Meg PC133 a Fujitsu 10Gig C: and a Maxtor 13Gig D:. My primary CD is a 52x from Afrey and the writer is a HP 8150i.

    Can't think why else this would matter but I have an MS Intellimouse explorer (optical), Logitech Force 3D stick, an Ortek internet pro keyboard and a Samtron 428PL 14" monitor. 2 printers- Epson Stylus 777 on USB and a Canon BJC250 on parallel.

    Hope this all helps somehowas my wife really seems to like this game (I just can't see the point... I Prefer Civ3, Empire Earth and shooters or flight sims...)

    Cheers, James
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    Ok, sorry for the off time... Did some more checking, and the exe still is accessing reg wrong. Only when it tries to read from a specific user (when more than on installed). For those of you that this works for, do you have more than one user on XP? I have 2, myself and my girlfriend (2 profiles). I am thinking that this may be part of the problem. The exe does not know how to read multiple registries and temp dirs. In NT I beleive every user has their own reg and temp dir... If I'm wrong correct me, or post if it works and you have multiple profiles. I have uploaded the log of Hot Date crashing on my system. It is notepad format...
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    The log.
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    have been giving this some thought and I think youre absolutely right.
    It gets confused so it doesnt know which to access so it just crashes. I only have myself on this XP machine and it works fine.

    Perhaps thats why Porsche and Hot Date both work?????
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    Hot Date works here and Multiusers

    I have windows XP Home edition, with 4 users and Hot Date runs fine on my system. My system comprises of:

    Asus A7V266 Motherboard
    Asus 8200 Geforce 3
    640 DDR 2100
    Atlon XP 1800
    30 GB Seagate ATA 100
    Sony CDRW
    Asus I panel


    Detonator 23.11 Reference Nvidia
    Via 4 in 1 version 4.37a
    AMD patch for windows 2000

    The system runs really sweet and hote date rocks


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    Ah HA

    Ok, Looks like the best I can get is, log into WinXP under the Administrator account. Then Hot Date runs fine. Users who have Administrative rights can't play Hot Date under theirs (at least on my machine). Only way I got it to work is under the Administrative account. Hit CTRL, ALT, DELETE twice at the logon screen. Then user Administrator and whatever your pass was set up as. I am running WinXP prof. In home edition I think you have to boot into safe mode for admin... but, under safe mode I don't think the game will run. All I can say is it works for me. I will see if I can nail down the reason other users can't run Hot Date...