The Parrots

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    A woman goes to her priest for help. "Oh please can you help me, Father? I have two female parrots who say: 'Hi we're prostitutes, wanna have some fun?' How can I get them to stop?''
    '' Well my child, I have two male parrots that I've taught to read the Bible and pray. Bring your parrots round to my house tomorow and mine will soon teach them the good ways of god!''
    So the woman does as she's told and takes the parrots to the priest's house, puts them in the cage with the other two parrots and waits to see what happens.
    "Hi, we're prostitutes, wanna have some fun?'' squawk the woman's parrots.
    To which the two male parrots reply: ''Put away the books, boys, our prayers have been answered!"