The Inside Track on Firefox Development. (Racing Towards 2)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by VenomXt, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. VenomXt

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    This is a intresting Read.

    The fact is for me. FireFox seems to be pis*ing me off more and more lately. It could be something wrong with my setup i guess but iv been suffering the following things.

    1. I click on link, google search in the tool window, or even a addy that i typed and it just doesnt do anything. Drives me freaking insane.

    2. There is no reason why FireFox should be using 292,000 K of memory. Even though i do have about 40 web pages open. The memory climbing is a constant problem for extended periods of time.

    3. Occasionlay i have to Ctrl Alt Del then kill FireFox even after i have closes all browsers. This is usually in parralllel or at least corespondance with problem 2.

    Over all i love FireFox. But the reason i love it more than anything is Tabbing.. and with IE7 coming out and having this feature.. There is gona be chance of change. Im hopeing that FireFox 2 will not disapoint.
  2. Evil Marge

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    I used firefox for years till the last update when I had memory probs and constant crashes :mad:
    I too liked it mainly for the tabbed browsing so now I'm using opera :laugh:
  3. Mainframeguy

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    Interesting Marge - I use Ffox and would resist changing - but when it leaks memory and causes massive paging and swap file increases I have to terminate it - which is a pain in the whatsit and this is beginning to happen an average of once up to max. of three times in every 24 hours - with Ffox 1.5 so I am rather interested to see if it can be fixed with 2.0....

    Lord heard it might be linked with the Flash plug-in - can anyone confirm? Or offer other possible resolution? I'll post something on the regular thread for this too maybe sometime....
  4. Johnny

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    That is interesting .. I am still wondering how IE 7 will comapair to it ..
  5. muzikool

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    I've had Firefox open for 1 hour and 20 minutes this morning so far, and it is up to 178,000k of memory usage. :dead: