The human mind: A LIVING CAMERA!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mlakrid, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. mlakrid

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    When a friend sent this to me via email, I was shocked and amazed...

    If we only knew how to harness the TRUE potential of our brains, this planet we live on would have no problems...

    See for yourself...

    Just under the picture there is a bue HERE link click that to open the WMV file...

    This is the MOST amazing thing I have seen in a VERY VERY LONG TIME.

    Mike A!
    Land O Lakes, FL
  2. ming

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    I remember reading in the news a few years ago that some guy went up on the London Eye to view the scenery, and went home to drew something similar.

    I wish my brain could work like that... Would help me remember what I've read. lol :p
  3. Steevo

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    I have heard f a similar experience, a man born in Sweden moved here when he was young, and supposedly forgot how to speak the language.

    One night while he was very ill he started rambling according to his wife, but was really talking to his mother in his native tongue. He had such a high fever he was hallucinating that his mother was there, and spoke almost perfect.

    It just goes to show that we are not limited, only held back by ourselves.

    Nice link. Truly is amazing.