The E-mpire E3xperience 2006-E3

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    Hello guys and gals just wanted to give anyone interested about E3 a chance to own a 3hour dvd for free. If you live outside of the United States there will be a very minimal charge just for the shipping and thats it. E-Empire is doing this for us. Here's the info and a link to join up so as a member you can get a DVD. Signing up is free and you donot need any special post counts. Monday[USA time] is when you can out in your order.

    Link to answer all your questions. E-Empire forum/PSINEXT
    Frosty is the poster and he will be handling most of this plus others.This will cover all consoles. Dual Layer DVD with 3hours of footage. Games without the BS.

    Just a heads up and what to expect.
    So if anyone is interested just head on over and sign up.:)