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    This guy owns a horse stud farm. One day his friend phones him
    up and says “there’s this dwarf with a speech impediment I
    know, he wants to buy a white horse, so I’ve sent him over to

    Sure enough, the dwarf turns up. The owner asks him, “do you
    want a male or a female horse?”

    “A female horth,” replies the dwarf.

    Therefore, the owner shows him a mare.

    “Nithe horth,” says the dwarf, “ can I thee her eyth?”

    So the owner picks the dwarf up to see her eyes.

    “Nithe eyth,” remarks the dwarf, “can I thee her teeth?” he asks.

    Again the owner picks up the little guy & shows him her teeth.

    “Nithe teeth, can I thee her earths” says the dwarf.

    Well buy now the owner is getting a little fed up, but again he
    picks up the dwarf & shows him her ears.

    “Nithe earths,” he says, “can I thee her twot?”

    With this the owner picks up the dwarf and shoves his head deep
    inside the horses vagina, he holds him there for a second before
    pulling him out & putting him down.

    Slightly stunned the dwarf shakes his head & says
    “prehapth I thould wefwath that. Can I thee her wun awound?”
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    every time i read this joke it cracks me up!! :)