The Chronicles of Narnia

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    Just read this news story: Here

    "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" will begin filming in mid-2004, under the direction of Andrew Adamson, who did the film "Shrek." Weta (Peter Jackson's animation studio) will also be working on the films. Adamson has the film rights to 5 of the 7 books in the chronicles.

    I'm really excited about this, especially since Weta is working on it. It will be a long time before we'll see these on the big screen though. I can be patient! :D
  2. Oooo great, read the books many times when I was young :D
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    Woo woooooo! I went through all seven books thrice. I can't wait!
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    I loved those books :)

    I read them before and more often than I read tolkiens works :) and I must say I was a HUGE fan through my early teens...

    there was a mini-series based off the books but a movie would be quite nice :) specially with good special effects :D

    /me goes out to buy some turkish delight in honor of the movie's announcement...