The best way to add google and tons of search engines to IE

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bundy458, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. Bundy458

    Bundy458 Guest

    No editing reg files.

    First, get power toys for xp. You can get a copy here

    Install it.

    Run Tweak UI for windows

    Go to Internet Explorer then Search


    Then add the letter g (or google or soidjfsoif it doesn't matter)

    then for url add this


    Then on your browser address bar type g keyword and BINGO!! google search comes up.

    You can add 100's of others

    The best way to add them is to go to the search you want and put in a keyword and search

    Then Create a new one..

    cut and paste the search url and then substitute %s for the keyword you entered. ANd bingo, another search shortcut.

    Here are few more of mine

    For all the web


    address bar search: a keyword

    For Yahoo News Search


    address bar search : n keyword

    Once you get this tip down, it will make your search life much, much easier.

  2. zman

    zman Guest

    Thanks you brother very nice tip :)
  3. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    is there a place in the registry where i can change the default ie search engine without having to put a prefix in front of what i search for in the address bar?
  4. kingnothing

    kingnothing Guest

    run Regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main. Double-click on SearchPage and enter the URL of the new search engine in the Value Data box.
  5. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    Which value am i supposed to change?? I changed the Search Page value but it didnt work

    I also changed the values for Search Page and Default_Search_Url in HKLM/software/microsoft/internet explorer/main
  6. kingnothing

    kingnothing Guest

    I should have mentioned that I hadn't tried the reg tweak before...I will keep searching for a better solution.
  7. Umbler

    Umbler Guest

    Is there a variable for a second word in a search string?

    for example

    g firstword secondword

    where %s = firstword
    and something else would = secondword

    would be handy on some searches where firstword would define group to be searched in and secondword would define actual search text.