That Elizabeth Smart girl is already asking for it...

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Mr. Ass, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Mr. Ass

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    Heres a little something that should be put on the ntfs main page... lol after browsing through some msn profiles i found none other then the profile of elizabeth smart.. That girl is already begging to be harassed by millions of people putting her real name and hometown on that profile... lol it was updated today acording to the page...

    she is the first 1 listed

    This is just for laughs i wouldnt reccomend trying to contact her because after all shes been through if i was her i wouldnt want millions of people badgering me
  2. PC-Dude

    PC-Dude Guest

    That's just some sick individual that has nothing else better to do so they made up her profile with a picture that has been around the internet since she disappeared. :rolleyes:

    If her father (Ed I believe) is that damn stupid to let her do something like that after such a traumatic event then I'm going to Utah to kick his @$$. :mad:
  3. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    That's some sick ******* making a profile for whatever reason.
  4. Geffy

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    United Kingdom
    you have too much time on your hands
  5. XPerties

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    I would imagine after 9 months the PC is the last place she would be on. I mean what has it been 4-5 days? She has a lot of catching up to do, and on top of it by the time the police get done and all the exzames on her are finished....its a fake for sure.
  6. XP Abuser

    XP Abuser Guest

    youll probably see a paypal logo on there to donate to her this is some ****ed up scam these *******s suck ass. cashing in on others misfortunes
  7. Mr. Ass

    Mr. Ass Guest

    Part of me thinks its fake too but part of me doesnt.. Its either a really good fake or real... theres really no way to know for sure
  8. XP Abuser

    XP Abuser Guest

    na im pretty certain its a joke

    notice updated 14/03/03 msn should remove it if they know its there
  9. Mr. Ass

    Mr. Ass Guest

    Well before they remove it they should verify to make sure its not her. If it is her the profile will prolly remain up
  10. PC-Dude

    PC-Dude Guest

    What makes this a really good fake? The picture has been on thousands of websites so that parts easy. The info well lets break it down:
    From the Site:"A Little About Me
    Hey, I am liz.. I live in Utah...I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and i am skinny. My picture is small... I am gettin a new one takin to scan and put on here."

    Well I think that's a easy one, her personal details such as the above, age and location have been on thousands of sites also, not too mention it would be easy to see that from all the photos.

    From the Site:"Favorite Things
    My fave thing is shoppin"

    Now that's easy, all young girls like shopping ;) and they have no Favorite hobbies or favorite quote listed on the profile ... I wonder why? :rolleyes:

    My point is that my 9 year old could have easily faked something like that. There's no way it's really her :cool:
  11. Mr. Ass

    Mr. Ass Guest

    Well its got my curiousity so im gonna keep checking up on that to see if anything significant changes, and im not gonna go email her asking "if she is who she claims to be" because if that is her (and theres always a chance it could be) i dont want to seem like an ass to a girl who is just getting her life back
  12. Tittles

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    Muskegon, Michigan
    i would say somethin bout her but i know someone well get all wild up bout it so nvm
  13. Mr. Ass

    Mr. Ass Guest

    PM me what u were gonna say lol
  14. bluekelt

    bluekelt Guest

    Was looking at the other profiles on the page and couldn't help but notice that SexyAli08 contains an updated photo of Elizabeth Smart.

    Catch you all later,
  15. The Elizabeth Smart case has been very strange from the start.
    Most likely a fake,but it sure wouldn't surprise me to find out
    otherwise after all the other odd accounts of things.Just some-
    thing that has never added up in that case from the start.jmo.
  16. Mr. Ass

    Mr. Ass Guest

    this is starting to get fishy..... that profile with the updated pic...before it had Elizabeth Smart as the real name but there was a picture of someone else... now it has a pic of her and in the profile it says her name is Alyssa.... Man i havent used this expression in a very long time but here it goes....theres something rotten in denmark....
  17. XP Abuser

    XP Abuser Guest

    add her to your MSN buddy list