Text under peoples names?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by un_seen, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. un_seen

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    Just wondering how to change the text under my username. Mine says XP Home and i see others say XP Professional or something else.. Anyway just wondering how to change it cause i don't even have Home Edition i have Professional edition.
  2. noah472

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    Ahh... the great question once again... umm depend who you listen to on this one :D :D

    The option becomes available after a certain no. of postings to the forum.... for me it was about 60 odd.... others well just 10 or so. When you get the option you will be able to see it under user control pannel edit profile and there is a new field in there.
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    I beleive you need at least 10 posts (not sure what waddy has set to) to change the text...


    P.S. Don't spam :)
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    One day I couldn't change it, one day I could ! weeeeeeeee!

    Keep checking that UserCP at de topeh!