Ten Signs Your DotCom is on the Skids

Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by ZeroHour, Jun 16, 2004.

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    1. The company CEO has moved from the corner office to the ledge outside the corner office.
    2. The manager informs you that the drinks in the company fridge haven't been free and hands you a $4,800 Snapple bill.
    3. The company president asks if anyone has a problem giving out a little astrological advice over the phone while they work.
    4. The head of R&D is spending more and more time in the park across street with a metal detector he refers to as his "search engine."
    5. There's now 10-year-old Indonesian boys on either side of you assembling Nike running shoes.
    6. Management is now using copies of the company prospectus exclusively for rolling papers.
    7. Next time you see the company's founder, he is wearing a paper hat and telling you which one is the Diet Coke.
    8. The human resources manager informs you that (though it wasn't spelled out in black and white) giving conventioneers body massages was indeed implied in your job description, and that it could also involve a little "converging," if you know what he means.
    9. You arrive at work to find that all the computers have been replaced with Etch-a-Sketches.
    10. Your boss concedes that he might be out of his teens before he's able to retire.
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    rofl :d i dont know where you get them all from :p
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    Hehe, I like those :)
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    the last one is the funniest =]