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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Pin, Jul 6, 2002.

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    I am having problems trying to save jpeg files from Temporary Internet files (TIF) in Win XP Pro.

    I use ACDSee 4.0, and there was no problem at all with Win2k Pro.

    In XP, when opening the TIF folder, there was nothing displayed. I have checked the "show hidden files" function in folder option, but still cant read from TIF.

    I can only save the files i want from TIF by copy the TIF folder to other location; say my desktop. Then only i can use ACDSee to save files.

    Is there a way to tweak Win XP to make access from ACDSee?
  2. pacou

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    for close your problem


    Vous devez desinstaller votre logiciel "see" qui bloque xp
    car avec un click droit sur le fichier ou image dans
    les fichiers temporaire il est possible de faire copier coller

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    Thanks for replying.

    But sorry, i cannot understand French....can u please translate to English??
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    We need a translate button :D
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    From babelfish.com, doesn't really help does it ?

    You owe desinstaller your software "see" which blocks xp bus with a click right on the file or image in the files temporary it is possible to make copy to stick
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    Open your imaging software and find your options . Under here you should find Something to do with associated files.tick the box for jpeg and hey presto. What are you using for viewing pics anyway.
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    That babelfish does a really good job. Clear as mud. :eek:
  8. per my room mate, who speaks French fluently:
    uninstall logiciel 'see' that blocks xp cause with a right click on the file in the temp files, you can copy and paste it.

    hope this helps.....
  9. xsk8zerox

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    ok type
    c:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\desktop.ini

    in the run box then something in notepad will show up and it will say something like


    now delete the part in bold and save it.. then go to the temporary internet files folder and it will have a folder called content.ie5 and desktop.ini

    inside content.ie5 there will be some odd named folders and you can look around in there for the image you want and you can open it in whatever you want

    hope this helps...
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    Oh, thanks xsk8zerox....

    This method works as soon as i deleted the thread.

    Good for u...