Temporary Files to be deleted?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hockeyfan, Jul 6, 2002.

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    I had "G Lock Temp Cleaner" recommended to me, and ran a scan of my Temporary Files. I deleted (to the Recycle Bin for now) all of the .tmp and .old files. However, what about all of the .bak and the few .exe files that it listed, plus a few other types.? It also listed approx. 100 files that I think are associated with Nvidia -- "NVR****.dll" and NWRS***.dll" files. Can these files be deleted? Thanks for any help.
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    The bak files are ok to delete but I would not trust a program to remove exe & dll's.
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    Thanks for the reply -- I deleted the .bak files (to the Recycle Bin), but still confused about all of the NVIDIA files that Temp Cleaner is telling me are Temporary. An example of one of these files is "NVRSFR.dll" -- a friend tells me that they are associated with "Driver updates" and are safe to delete. Anyone else with NVIDIA looked into their Temporary Files and found all these?