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    I'm trying to digitally record some voicemails I have on a cellphone. I would like to download some software or something that acts as a telephone so I can dial into my voicemail then use another program to capture the audio. What can I use to make the call? I tried to use Skype but I don't like it, I think it makes you pay to make the calls. Any suggestions?
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    phonetag. old program. used it for various things back in win 3.11 however, it needs some dlls, which you can download, but i only 1/2a$$ed tried to get it to work under xp and couldnt.
    if it does run under xp it will dial any number. what youll need to do though is time how long it is from the time the program is done dialing until when your voice mail picks up. divide that time by 3 seconds, thats how many camas youll need to put in the dial string to have the modem pause until its time to enter you voicemail pin.

    example. you dial (123)456-7890 to your phone, then after 4 rings totaling 15 seconds add 5 camas, then you pin '123'. in the program should look like this

    that will get into your voice mail. using the camas you can also have it automaically choose your menu optins in your voice mail also. say you dial you number, have to enter your pin, then have to enter '1' for messages, then '2' for old messages:

    good luck getting it to run in xp.

    sorry if it's not permitted to answer or link to 'toolz'. it does have legit uses also though, like the whole p2p thing.