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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by EnoC, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. EnoC

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    hey guys as you can see from the topic i play team fortress classic i no manny of you come from diferent places around the world so i thought lets list some good servers you play on and where youre from...


    iPGN TFC Atomication:
    iPGN TFC Battlefield:
    iPGN TFC CustomMaps:
    iPGN TFC Demolition:
    iPGN TFC Dueling:
    Netspace TFC1.5 PB (Game 1):
    Netspace TFC1.5 PB (Game 2):
    Netspace TFC1.5 PB 24/7 2Fort (Game 3):
    GameArena TFC 1.5 #1
    GameArena TFC 1.5 #2
    GameArena TFC 1.5 #3
    Optus@Home TFC#1:
    Optus@Home TFC#2:
    MOS TeamFortress @ Austar:
    |?|Enigma@TelPac TFC:
    EvilPlan.Net TFC 1.5:
  2. skauch

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    I'm from Canada and i play these server :

    !!!(NEOTF)[WCA]Public Server #1(OC192)!!!

    NeoTF-[Just] Play In HERE!!

    -|osK|- Clan Server

    |KotA| Clan Server

    [BD] PwnZone (

    These are those who i'm the most on. And my nick is KuNg_Fu on TFC.
  3. Gnu

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    Ewwww ... NeoTF. :p
  4. koko

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    Columbia, S.C.
    i'm a tfc ho! i usually play on theville servers. they have 5 servers spread over the u.s. check 'em out at