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    Hello fellow members. This is my first post as I am a new member. My machine is a Dell XPS T550 purchase in 1999. It came with a Sony CD R-W burner and software. The only changes, since new, have been made in the last 2 years. #1 Went from MS OS 98SE to MS OS "XP" Home Edition and SP2. which you know uninstalls most of 98SE and builds "XP" using some of the purposely retained remants of 98SE. Terrible mistake. I thought I was going to have the OEM edition (which are available to a lot of people, particularly Techs. #2 Filled up the ram to a maximum of 768mb, all matching. #3 New WD 220GB hard drive. Machine has been troulbe free, but, as usual, Software deals fits. MY Problem: When the MS OS "XP" was installed, somehow the Software for the Sony Burner, "CD R-W, model CRX100E, disappeared. Sony is of no help, won't co-operate in allowing most current Driver/Software for this model downloaded. I am looking for help from the membership re: Best FREE software/Driver to download so that the CD Burner can, once again, be utilized. I would appreciate all info/suggestions, etc. Thank you. Tconduce
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