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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PeteBold, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. PeteBold

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    I have a Time PC AMD Athlon 1700 -recently it kept rebooting for no apparent reason. I have switched on the Driver Verification Tool (verifier.exe) and when I boot, I get a SYSTEM VERIFICATION ERROR in STREAM.SYS (WDM Driver Error 22D) [stream.sys+5f08 at F70E4F08]. If I then delete stream.sys (c:\windows\system32\drivers) I then get a SYSTEM VERIFICATION ERROR in PTSERLP.SYS (WDM Driver Error 20E) [ptserlp.sys+7dc5 at F827ADC5]. If I delete ptserlp.sys, all seems fine on the reboot.

    Anyone know what these drivers do (are they needed) and why they are causing the problem - any suggested solutions.
    Many thanks,
  2. mightiemark

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    hi, in windows update the have patches for this, but i would just go to system properties advanced and error reporting and check
    disable error reporting.and dont check but notify critical errors it wont come up again

    to me anything in system or system 32 is important

    just either go to windows update and get file, its says removes
    error reporting at start up.
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    Hi Mark, Thanks for your note - I have followed your suggestion, but it still reboots without warning - 3 times tonight so far....

    I am loosing patience with this machine/OS combo, and have now refreshed XP to factory settings (using the Time Reload CD) 3 times.

    When it re-boots, it suggests a device driver is the problem, but does not say which one - are there any forensic tools to assist?

    Any further help before I throw this 2 grand piece of junk out the window would be gratefully received.

    I am considering a low-level format and installing Windows 98 - never had any problems with that!!!
  4. mightiemark

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    hey, sorry that didnt work, lets try one more option
    because 98 is to, when i had xp in the begining i had nothing but trouble, especially with gaming.
    i found out that the home edition in ntfs files is not wort the trouble, reformat your computer and go to fat 32, do what i said earlier reply because that is suppose to keep messages away.

    mine always crashed while do games, thats the only thing that worked for me. tell you the truth i hate win xp lol

    im also going to look further into it for you.

    mean time thats the only option i can think of

    hope it helped
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    I have the same problem a matter of fact I have all the problems that are not yet resolved by MS.:

    1. unexpected reboots.
    2. HDD checks for consistency on every boot.
    3. system crashes because of a device driver. MS doesn't know about it.
    4. system32 gets corrupted and I can't boot windows. end of story , I have to cleaninstall. waiting for the SP1....

    good luck m8
  6. PeteBold

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    Thanx Mark - no messages, but still erratic and unexpected re-boots.... Any tools you are aware of to help with the forensic investigation....?

    Help as ever appreciated.
  7. mightiemark

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    hi pete,
    only thing i can think of is do you have latest drivers for

    graphics card
    sound card if audigy (you need them badly)

    wdm sounds like detonator driver, try unstalling it and update your driver to 30.82 at nvidia or download personal cinema driver. let me know how it went
  8. mightiemark

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    also pete do you have updated direct x 8.1
    im trying to narrow this down for you.
    if worse comes in to play do a clean format, get a windows 98 boot disk, use fdisk remove remove drive. then dont format on disk. shut down go to boot cd, and format from thier.a clean format... and reinstall
  9. PeteBold

    PeteBold Guest

    Thanks Mark - really appreciate your help - where can I get the latest drivers and updates to which you refer - happy to install them (and let you know how it goes) if I can be directed to the source.

  10. kev59

    kev59 OSNN Senior Addict


    had the same prob found faulty stick of ddr memory
  11. mightiemark

    mightiemark Guest

    for geforce go to nvidia. com i use 28.32 for games optimised for
    gl and 3d. or search for detonators. tweak go to geforce
    sound card go http://betas.,hit rated topics, sound audigy blaster drivers. newdrivers they work hope you have cable 377mb full install. or go to get update for xp drivers.
    motherboard the same find out who made it put name in search and find.

    if that doesnt work try kev59 faulty stick ddr memory

    good luck petebold
  12. PeteBold

    PeteBold Guest

    Mark/Kev, thanks for your help.

    I will pursue both options ....and let you know......