System Restore - Not Working

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by percyv143, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. percyv143

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    HELP !!!
    My XP Pro system restore is not working anymore.
    All dates are shown but after shutdown and logon it would show its window that it was not able to restore the pc to the previous restore date.
    Need help.
  2. Heeter

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    Performing a defrag will result in you restore settings getting buggered up and system restore will not work. Always create a new restore point after a system defrag.

  3. Hipster Doofus

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    One way to get it working again is to turn system restore off, reboot, turn it on. NOTE: you will loose ALL your previous restore points.
  4. Gus K

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    Huh? System restore works fine, and I never have made restore points ater a defrag.
  5. damnyank

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    I agree with Gus - I normally defrag once a week and have never had any problems with my restore points being messed up by a defrag.

    Have you tried more than one restore point?

    Double check and see if System Restore Service is set to Automatic and started.(Start>Control panel>Administrative Tools>Services)

    If none of your Restore Points work than you really do not have much choice other than what Hipster suggested.
  6. Shamus MacNoob

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    Sorry I defrag every night and my system restore never got messed up either ...:eek:
  7. dave holbon

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    This code snippet allows you to be about 78% sure that you restore points are all valid, a feature that’s not available in XP until it’s to late (as has happened to me on every single occasion that I’ve attempted to use this feature.

    Create a new Scheduled Task and point it to the VBS file. After the script runs, it will leave a dialog telling you whether or not the Restore Point was successfully created. This script can be viewed in Notepad or any text editor, as to the specific Registry key and value that are updated. For an EXE version of this utility, go to: -

    'Unattended System Restore Point
    '© Doug Knox - rev 02/11/2002
    'This code may be freely distributed/modified
    'Downloaded from
    'Extracted from original code by Bill James -

    Set sr = getobject("winmgmts:\\.\root\default:Systemrestore")

    msg = "New Restore Point successfully created." & vbCR
    msg = msg & "It is listed as: " & vbCR
    msg = msg & "Automatic Restore Point " & Date & " " & Time

    'Put a ' in front of the next five lines to disable the Success Failed Prompt.
    If (sr.createrestorepoint("Automatic Restore Point", 0, 100)) = 0 Then
    MsgBox msg
    MsgBox "Restore Point creation Failed!"
    End If

    'Remove the ' from the next 3 lines to only alert you if the process failed
    'If (sr.createrestorepoint("Automatic Restore Point", 0, 100)) <> 0 Then
    ' MsgBox "Restore Point creation Failed!"
    'End If

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