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    Hello! I have a major problem with my motherboard/startup sequence. One week ago i moved my computer from one house to another(to use the graphics card TV-OUT to see an movie(not even using an screen)) and when i came back the computer has serius problems right from the BIOS/boot sequence. The problems were graphical glitches in the start up sequence(before windows even tries to boot) possible system lockups(also in the boot sequence) and also windows had SERIOUS graphical and speed issues. I did not even se the desktop or the mouse. If i was lucky i saw an icon.

    I managed to solve this problem by reseting the BIOS(removed the CMOS battery). I think it may have been an IRQ problem(wild guess).

    Now i moved the computer again and got the same problems when trying to add another harddrive. I had accedently had put the old harddrive in the secondary IDE slot and the new in the primary IDE slot. So i had to reboot and move the IDE cables. Now when i try to boot i get almost the same problems(same graphical glitches). Exept when i try to boot i cannot get past the screen that says "System configurationCPU type"(i believe this is where the computer shows the PCI- and the other devices). The computer stop there and won't do anything. The only thing i can se is that the diskett drive is flashing constantly. I have tried several times to try remove the CMOS battery and then boot but i never get past the "System ConfigurationCPU type" screen.

    Can it be that i have an faulty device(graphicscard, motherboard, memory...)? should i try to remove all the PCI devices and check if its anyone of them who are causing the problems?

    Thanks a billion in advance /Jonatan
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    oh yeah, i forgot, some system specs:
    P4 2,4 GHZ 500MHZ bus
    512MB DDR RAM
    Epox P4AE motherboard
    Geforce 4 TI 4200
    Terratec sound card... anything else?