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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dotbatman, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. dotbatman

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    I've seen a few people complain about xp giving them this "system recovered from a serious error" every time they reboot. I found where it can be disabled, but I am wondering if that is a bad idea.

    I reason that if my machine boots up, the error couldn't be that bad, therefore, why would I give a rat's ass?

    Thoughts? Theories?
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Well, I think I got that message once. And it came as no surprise because I somehow managed to crash the system and had to do a manual reset (forget what i did).

    I'm not sure about this, but i'm thinking it may have to do with XP reloading a stable copy of the registry, and, if that's the case, I want to know about it so i could trouble shoot the problem.
  3. amphrodite

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    If this system happen and may due to new software being installed and have compatibility problem?

    Or newer drivers update!
    Or some service has been disabled which need to be enabled for the operation to complete!

    I have experience similar problem when I installed Zonealarm and The Tiny personal Firewall..
    In the end I used Zonealarm and Neowatch..

    You may have to roll back and check if it helps!
  4. dotbatman

    dotbatman Guest

    That's the really annoying thing, though. I would love it if I was given an opportunity to see what the error was, but it doesn't tell me anything.

    Is there a utility I can use to read the .dmp file or some other error log?
  5. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    My point was that I knew what i did wrong when it happened. You were asking if it was a good idea to disable the feature. Personally, i wouldn't. If i got the error message several times in succession then I'd be looking for the reason. I'm not sure if the answer can be found in the error logs or not, but my "theorhetical" troubleshooting may take me there. So, i guess that's what i'd suggest you do, view the logs in "event viewer." To get there, go to control panel> administrative tools> event viewer.

    I was under the impression that you weren't having any problems and just looking for feedback on your idea. Are you having any difficulties, or was my impression correct?
  6. dotbatman

    dotbatman Guest

    I guess it was mostly theoretical, it's not coming up all of the time.

    But it does come up sometimes when there has been, and there is no evidence of, a problem. Maybe I'm just used to "seeing" windows crash with my own eyes (windows98) or seeing rock-solid stability (win2000), which I am sure I cannot expect from XP for a little while at least.
  7. watkins

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    It happend to me after XP crashed and now it will not go away. If anyone knows how to just disable this thing i would appreciate it.

  8. dotbatman

    dotbatman Guest

    Open System in Control Panel.
    On the Advanced tab, click Error Reporting.
    Click Disable error reporting or Enable error reporting.