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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mohan_kumar, Apr 18, 2006.

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    My pc did not power up after a blue screen display (memory dump).

    It was working fine when suddendly a blue screen error started and after a restart it powered and again showed an blue screen. now the system did not power up entirely.

    No Post. No beeps. No display on monitor.Fans running. When i removed the RAM and powered up it showed up 3 Beeps (Base 64K RAM failure). I tried replacing the RAM, SMPS but still it did not power up. I looked into mobo for any burns -but nothing is there. I checked up the Processor .. pins all were fine. I checked for the HDD it showed up some issues (used check disk to correct errors) and added to PC even now nothing is happening.

    I removed all the drives, KB, Mouse, and used only the CPU, MB (on board video) and RAM (removed from cabinet). Still nothing happens. even removed the batt and replaced still it did not power up no display no bios completion beep

    Is it bad MB or CPU or BIOS ( i am getting base mem failure indication when i remove RAM)

    Intel P 2.4 800FSB HT processor
    Intel 865GBF
    kingston 256MB DDR
    Seagate 40GB HDD
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  2. ShepsCrook

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    What about resetting your CMOS?
    You should also try Memtest86
  3. KingKian

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    Same Case as ME..
    Replace your Motherboard.

    For my case, my CPU auto shutoff within 1 secs after i on it.
    Test my power supply, no fault with that.
    Juz cant get to System Menu.