Switching from 98 to XP, which is best?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kasanagi, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. Kasanagi

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    I've been planning to switch to XP for some time now, and I've frequently used the system compatibility program on the XP cd to see if I can install smoothly. Most everything is taken care of in that respect, but I hesitate for two reasons. The first reason is, I'm using an Abit KT7A, and I've heard that XP doesn't work too well with that particular motherboard, although I could be wrong. The second reason is, I haven't decided how to go about installing XP. Here are my options so far:

    1. Format drive and install XP fresh (more work, but better turnout)

    2. Run XP upgrade (shorter, but a bit riskier)

    3. Do a dual boot install (No risks at all, but not my preference..)

    Which would you guys reccomend? I figure the best people to ask are the ones who have already got XP installed, so please give me any information that might help. Thanks a lot!
  2. Qumahlin

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    I personally don't like Dual boot, I only use it at work where I dual boot Mandrake and XP...use to have it at home, but bah! sick of choosing heheh

    I would HIGHLY recommend a format and complete wipe of your previous OS then install XP and your programs :)
  3. SunbeamHigh

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    I debated this issue myself for awhile, first.......I upgraded from 98 to XP and made sure everything worked well for a while.....Then after a couple weeks of good uptime. A format and clean install.:) :D
  4. Electronic Punk

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    Would always recommend a clean install as installing over Windows9x will leave a few redundent files - WindowsXP can be difficult to learn for 9x users, so thats why we are here to help.
  5. CGCCdream

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    I would...

    wipe it out and start fresh. The only reason I upgraded at the time is because I was already running Win 2K pro on NTFS. I think it is starting to get a tad slow, so I am just waiting to get a burner so I can save my files, format, and perform a clean install of XP Pro.
  6. MatrixUK

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    I'd recommend a clean install.
    1st format your harddrive, then fdisk it and delete all partitions, insert your XP CD and change your BIOS boot settings to

    1. boot from CDROM, 2. Boot from IDE-0, 3. Boot from floppy

    putting an NTFS partition on instead of FAT32
    After the install change the sequence to

    1. boot from floppy, 2. IDE-0, 3.CDROM
  7. UniSol

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    What I did was use dual boot to determin if all your hardware is compatable, if it is backup all configs and mp3s etc then format, clean install and bo0m your skilled! :D
  8. avsdotcom

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    If you are thinking of changing over to XP, I would first check out all the sites of your hardware manufacturers for updated drivers and get them first. Nothing worse than a clean install to find that your modem can't be recognised and you need to download new drivers !! (this is the voice of experience, ahem)
  9. Kasanagi

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    Trust me, I did all the necessary preparation (This is DEFINITELY not my first OS install/upgrade). I got XP drivers for any and all of my hardware that needed it.

    My original plan was to backup my stuff onto a little 4gb drive and leave it secondary for putting the files back later, but alas I had no little hard drive to use, so my master plan for the format + reinstall was toast before it ever started.

    I've upgraded, as I'm speaking to you now I've had XP running for about 15 minutes. The upgrade was VERY easy, and the transfer of files, settings, and programs was FLAWLESS. The only thing's I have to do so far are update the drivers for my vid card (Geforce2 GTS) and run a scandisk/defrag for error checking.

    Now I ask, it's likely that I'm still using fat32, is it possible for me to change to NTFS without formatting and reinstalling?

    BTW, thank you ALL for your help, I couldn't access the forums before I made the upgrade decision, but you guys are really helpful!
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  11. Hutch

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    I did an upgrade from win ME to XP,i couldnT be happier,the Xp is a much more stable platform.
    You would run into trouble if your puter is too old,or your app`s dont have the neccesary drivers,i have managed to find all the drivers i need,but i hadf to change my modem,which isn`t really a problem as the man from BT is here right now putting in broadband.
    I have found that my sound has improved a lot just with having xp,well everything has improved really.
    I found that the upgrade worked very well and i kept all my settings,i was ready to do a complete install,if it hadn`t worked.hth,Hutch.

    Pentium 4 1.8
    512sdram 400 fsb
    Nvidia gf2 mx400 64mb
    SB live 5.1