Switching Drives in a controller

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  1. I've installed Windows 2000 Professional (clean) on my c: drive (Primary Master), after some observations I'll upgrade to Windows XP.
    My DVD burner is on the same controller #1 installed as Primary Slave.
    Then I re-installed all my software packages on d: drive, which is installed as Secondary Master on Controller #2. In the Secondary Slave position, of this controller I have e: drive.

    Question: If I switch the d: and e: drives, do I cause any problems? (besides having to re-create shortcuts) ?

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    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    I'd never connect a DVD drive on the same controller containing a primary master hard drive (only another hard drive with same specs).
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    anybody find something funny in this
  4. The reason I am making this DVD Burner installation on Primary Slave, same controller #1 is the recommendation on a drwing provided by the Matroc RT2500 Installation and User Guide (page15)