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  1. Stevai

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    Hello all ... I'm trying to figure out a problem on my father's machine. What he told me was that it just started happening. I'm not sure what he might have installed, etc.

    I got over there tonight, and I saw that svchost.exe was running at 90%+ CPU. I installed the SysInternals Process Monitor and found that it was the DNS Client service causing it.

    I stopped the DNS Client service, and the CPU Usage went back to normal. Now, I found out that the service uses \windows\system32\dnsrslvr.dll. When I got home to my PC I noticed a difference in timestamps and file size. So, I sent mine over, he installed it, and still the same problem.

    The moment you start the DNS Client service, the system maxes out on CPU Usage, even with my copy which doesn't have a problem.

    Any ideas on tracking it further?
  2. American Zombie

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    Post a Hijackthis log.
  3. Admiral Michael

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    I too had a svchost process eating CPU. But I formatted and installed Vista instead. So I never tracked down the problem.
  4. Stevai

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    Alrighty ... I just called him told him to download it and send me the log. Probably won't be until tomorrow.
  5. Arvid

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    I'm having the same problem.

    I recently installed some yahoo widget application to be able to send free SMS; Callwave or something and that's when trouble began.
    I uninstalled it, rebooted but the same problem keeps returning.
    If I end the svchost.exe (network service) that is causing the high CPU usage, other .exes go up in usage and together they max out at 100% usage.

    Any help is welcome.