Svchost.exe running on port TCP/5000 RISK ! READ !!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by anonymo, Aug 25, 2002.

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    Ok. Go here...

    And scroll to PORT TCP/5000 ... You will see a GREAT number of trojans use this PORT.

    For your information svchost.exe USES the port 5000... it is an important Windows Component.

    Now install ANY firewall... It will ask you if you want to enable svchost.exe to access the internet... Say no and a LOT of your computer may go down (it is an important service to run) and say yes and you have a security issue...

    Anyone care to enlighten me ? and tell me why my port 5000 is open ? Maybe this is a security issue people here are not aware off... Maybe SVCHOST is a trojan by itself...

    Also, what does "enable a remote user to excecute a code on your computer ? Does that mean he can run any program ? Or format my hard disk ?"

    One more thing ... Is there a firewall that DOESN'T KILL your internet habits by completely annoying you all the time with configuration and **** ? If yes, please tell me .
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    Yeah, this is old news. You Disable the SSDP Discovery Service in Services Manager.