Suspending and Shutting down

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gmagnuson, Sep 15, 2003.

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    My computer takes 2-3 Minutes to suspend and to shut down. What could be causing the delay?

    Also, Does anyone know were I can download Microsoft's BootVis?

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    We’re sorry, we were unable to service your request. As an option, you may visit any of the pages below for information about Microsoft services and products.
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    Try this: This is my resume from standby results. I could not upload the file.

    Driver S0 IRPs longer than 100 msec:

    IRP Type Driver Name Device Name Begin Time (sec) End Time (sec) Duration (sec) Order Level
    --------- -------------- ------------------------------------------------- ----------------- --------------- -------------- -----------------
    System atapi.sys \Device\Ide\IdePort1 71.29 71.5 0.21 Non-Paged; PnP
    System ati2mtag.sys \Device\Video0 71.5 71.79 0.29 Paged; PnP; Video
    System airplus.sys \Device\{9902CDD6-52A8-4436-AE3D-F72D5239ECA6} 71.8 72.01 0.21 Paged; PnP
    System gameenum.sys UnnamedDevice 72.02 73.37 1.35 Paged; PnP
    System usbuhci.sys \Device\USBFDO-1 72.02 72.57 0.55 Paged; PnP
    System fdc.sys UnnamedDevice 72.02 73.37 1.35 Paged; PnP
    System USBSTOR.SYS \Device\000000a1 73.46 73.74 0.29 Paged; PnP

    Bios Wake time : 0.42 sec
    Device Init time : 2.60 sec
    Apps Init time : < 0.01 sec
    Total Resume time : 6.90 sec
    Sleep State : S3
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    the year 2525
    go to control panel, admin tools, event viewer.

    clear all the logs, then shutdown and reboot. see if you get any new error logs. this should give a better idea.

    also have you ensured all your drivers are up to date, no matter what it is, logitech keyboard software is terrible for hanging a shutdown.