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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rbmcgee, Mar 17, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    Running WinXP Home, Intel D845PEBT2 board and USB wireless mouse/keyboard.

    1) I inadvetently did not set STR (3) in the BIOS setting before loading XP. It is my understanding that this must be set before loading and cannot be invoked once the OS is installed. Is this true? Is there anyway around this issue short of nuke/repave after correctly setting the BIOS? Repair?

    2) Can anybody verify that the keyboard/mouse can awake the computer from STR?

    3) Are there any issues I'm not aware of?

  2. Un4gIvEn1

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    That is a BIOS controlled function. It should work just fine. Just enable it.
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    I have changed mine back and forth a few times, if you right click My Computer>Properties
    Hardware tab, then Device Manager
    Click computer

    is it says ACPI anywhere in that then it doesnt matter, the options in the BIOS are for APM not ACPI
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    If your computer goes into S3, everything other than your RAM should turn off, meaning that all your fans will turn off as well. If it's completely silent (usually with the power LED blinking) it means that your computer is in Suspend-to-RAM mode.

    In the non-S3 standby mode, your fans will continue to spin. That's the way you can tell the difference.

    And yes, you can wake up from Suspend-to-RAM by hitting the Spacebar usually.
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    windows is the BIOS's B!tch. windows does whatever the bios instructs it to do.:)
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    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, from the Intel website located here , the opposite seems to be true. Here is a quote from the 'how to enable STR section':
    I'm still confused and need some clarification.
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    If you had the ACPI functions in your BIOS turned off when you installed, then you will need to reinstall or do a repair install for windows to recognize the change. This is because the ACPI settings that Windows uses is determined by the HAL, so if ACPI settings are off when you install, Windows will install a HAL that does not contain those functions. I know this from experience.
    So I imagine that changing from STR1 to STR3 might be the same.