Suspend, hibernate probs

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Veneficus, Aug 5, 2002.

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    Hi all,

    I know there are other posts relating to suspend and hibernate problems, but none of the solutions there help me. Of course, maybe I haven't seen all the posts on the subject.

    Anyway, here's my hibernation problem. When I resume, I get this BSOD: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR, STOP 0x0000007A (0xC03CB204, 0xC000000E, 0xF2C81B66, 0x1C66B860) and it gives me random .sys files as the causes.

    I read info about that STOP error, and it had something to do with the page file, so I tried disabling it and that didn't help.

    I have all the Windows Updates and I have the latest drivers for most of my stuff.

    The same thing used to happen when I tried resuming from Suspend, but after I installed some Windows Updates, it started doing something else: I get a black screen with the mouse cursor frozen on it, then after a few secs the login screen appears, then after a few more secs that screen disappears and I'm left once again with a black screen and a frozen cursor.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Veneficus

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    System info

    Hehe, forgot to say what kind of system I have...

    -Athlon XP 2100+
    -ASUS A7V333 (VIA chipset, USB 2.0)
    -512MB DDR333 CL2.0 RAM
    -GeForce2 Ti
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    which .sys files is it giving. Also can you give more detail of your computer, like sound card, CD ROM and other things like that
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    More Info

    I remember a few times it gave win32k.sys and ntfs.sys.
    The sound card is internal (C-Media CMI8738 6 channel).
    I have a CryberDrive CW058D CDRW and a Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1202. Realtek RTL8139 NIC as reported by Windows (which is Professional Edition, btw). KDS Visual Sensations monitor. 80GB HDD, either Seagate or Western Digital, forgot.

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