Supra Express 56e Pro

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by T_J, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. T_J

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    When I connected the above Modem XP found it and installed the Driver for it but have I noticed that my connection speed is showing 115.2 kbps instead of around 44 kbps when I double click on the double monitor icon. Does any one Know where I can find XP Drivers for it?

  2. Nuke_8z76

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    I get the exact same happening to my Supra Express too...I think that this 115 KBps is either the port or the bus speed to which your modem is connected ( flames if I'm totally wrong)...the thing is though, I have found that when my connection is registering at 115 KBps and not my usual 48 Kps then my Internet connection seems much faster than normal and also a little more stable.
  3. Khayman

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    115 is the connection speed, not the speed of your downloads etc. it is usualy the maximum the modemis set to connect at.

    getting a 115 connection is a good thing! it should make your downloads etc a bit faster, but is nothing to do with drivers.

    if you really want to change it there is an optoin in your modem properties to set the maximum connection speed
  4. ac6210sr

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    Upadate your driver.
  5. Nuke_8z76

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    I can't talk for T_J on this one, but personally I already have the updated XP drivers for the Supra already resident.
  6. T_J

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    I have looked for XP drivers for the Modem but I can't find any for it.