sunon GC054509VH - laptop fan to you!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mainframeguy, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Mainframeguy

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    Hey guys... my ageing laptop had finally given out on the fan bearings - I guess three years folding will do that!

    Anyways I have it in pieces on the coffee table and there is the fan in quesiton and the make and model is as in the subject.

    I have found a states company that can supply and ship to me - they are called Allied Electronics (seem to be based in Texas) and they say it wil cost around $24 plus shipping and they will ship to my "collect account".

    Can anyone tell me what kind of account a collect account would be?

    Also is this a good deal for this fan? I only need the fan, not the associated heattube and sink etc... since it is just the bearing that is shot.

    Your thoughts and simple advice appreciated - as always.
  2. tdinc

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    I believe it to be a FED EX or UPS account. Maybe they use a small business type setup where you need a shipping carrier account?...hmmm email them and see?
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    Allied is an industrial supplier. They will only sell to business accounts.

    Check with digikey they deal with individuals. They have a large selection of all size and type fans.

    There must be a similar outfit in the UK. Radio Shack, Digikey, Frye's electronics in the USA. Check the ads in a UK computer magazine.

    Option B is to see if your local computer shop can order a part for you and you do the install instead of paying them 100 pounds...

    List of small suppliers:

    Note Arrow and Newark probably will not sell to an individual.
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  4. Mainframeguy

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    Just to close down this thread - and make it useful to boot....

    I sort of gave up on tracking down a fan replacement that I a mere consumer could order - plus was tired of having laptop in pieces on my coffee table - so I applied a little household lube in the area of the fan bearings (was thinking WD40, but had none so used regular lube) and on reassembly lo and behold - the fan works again noiselessly and all is well! Of course I cannot guarantee this state of affairs will last or for how long, but I actually feel fairly confident things are actually BETTER than they were before....

    So if anyone else hits probs like this I suggest not being afraid to dismantle your notebook - they are more user serviceable than you may imagine!
  5. Admiral Michael

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    I have a smililiar problem with my aunt's averatec and I found the fan on the allied site. I couldn't get it also because they don't ship to Canada.

    Averatec wants $50 for parts, $100-$125 in parts and $15 to ship it back (not to mention I would have to pay to ship it there too).

    I have taken the laptop apart already and if I could get the parts I could probably fix it myself.

    One quirk tho, the VGA (thats what they called it) seems to be attached to the chip by what I'm guessing is a thermal compound glue, where could I get some and how can I take this heatsink/fan off?
  6. Jodiva

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    Hullo! I am VERY interested to know if your averatec is working...mine suddenly went "on strike" a week ago, and has been driving me crazy ever since! Currently, it is sitting on a block of ice, cooling down (yes, there's a towel between...).

    Did lubricating the fan bearings continue to work? What kind of lubricant would you suggest?

    The last major event before all the problems included two downloads - scheduled upgrades for two programs (one was Adobe Photoshop), but after reading several threads, I'm wondering if this was just a coincidence. I tried resetting to a different time (will only go back one week) but that won't even work!

    Up until this issue, I was such a fan of my Averatec! I even convinced my fiance to purchase one!