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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gendr4, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. gendr4

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    it seems that my system just randomly and suddenly restarts itself. i have recently taken care of the RPC errors and i also don't get that message that i used to, NAV 2k3 is fully updated. I also have trouble with my system recognizing my HDD when i boot, sometimes all i have to do though is to restart my system and it boots.
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    When your system reboots for the first time, how often does it re-occur after that?
  3. gendr4

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    completely random, does it atleast like once a day, but sometimes it takes several hours between
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    Take your pick: In order of likelyhood -

    Poor housekeeping - Defrag and clean up your hard disk. Get rid of any software loaded about when the problem started.

    Power supply cheap or overloaded - post your PS size, brand and what equipment you have installed we'll let oyu know.

    Power line spikes - do lights flicker or anything else happen when you crash. Especially bad in the summer.

    Case temp too high - check it with a utility. 35-45C is good. If too high clean out dust and make sure you have 2 case fans (intake in front and exhaust in rear)

    CPU temp too high - check it with a utility keep under 55C when gaming. If too high and cleaning tried look for a better heatsink fan.

    Bad plug in board - failing video cards or surprisingly, sound cards can cause crashes. Try swapping them out one at a time. (Never had a modem or NIC card raise a problem but try them too).

    Marginal Ram - go into bios and reduce "performance settings".

    Flaky CPU - try another if you can borrow one.

    Flaky Motherboard - this ones a pain. Eliminate all the above and this is it.
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    Right click my computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery/settings. Untick auto restart. Now you will get an error message. Let us know what it is.
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    I wonder if hes having the same problem as my dads pc.
  7. gendr4

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    it looks like i am going to have to get a new MB because i have tried everything you have suggeseted thus far, do you have any suggestion of MB's that will fit in my gateway performance? gateway is saying that it because of a virus and that is why my MB must be bad. any suggestions would be great. Thanks alot.
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    ohh yeah, the is no error message, and when it does restart it cannot find a bootable drive right away, i have to restart again for it to find the HD, and loadup time is sluggish as all. it is a 1.3ghz p4 with 384mb ram and a 32mb geforce 2 mx/mx. and after i disabled restart it now have it locking up and the screen seems to offset some and colors are messed up. and i have to do a cold shutdown to get around it.