STRANGE XP Password Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Drew52, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. Drew52

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    I have a new computer that came pre-loaded with XP Home Edition. No matter what settings I select, the system WILL NOT remember ANY passwords in ANY application. I'll get the pop up box asking me if I want Windows to remember logons & passwords at browser screens but it does not remember them, when I visit the same site, I'll get the dialog box again, offering to save the info.

    My Outlook/Outlook Express is also affected, although I have everything set correctly to remember my mail account password, I have to enter it EVERY time I access my mailbox? You can actually see the checkmark next to the "Remember Password" at the logon screen, but its greyed out??? Does anyone have ANY idea of what could be causing this??? ANY help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!:confused:
  2. Qumahlin

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    Have you disabled any services? like protected storage? I belive if that service is not running it will not store passwords and such, but i'm not 100% sure, cehck to see it's status.