Strange shadows on desktop icons with new START MENU

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by seba79, May 14, 2002.

  1. seba79

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    When my WinXP starts after few seconds the desktop icons are refreshing (like reoladed) and My Computer, Recycle BIn, My Documents, My Network... icons are "double shadowed"(but just if i have a new menustart, with clasicall all is ok), the shadow is darker then in other icons (shortcuts to programs). When i put mouse pointer on any "double shadowed icon" it is changing to normal, it happens the same when i refresh desktop. Why ?!?
    I have noticed it happens only when I'm changing classical start menu to new start menu...

    here is the screenshot

  2. stuy_b

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    Make ya mind up dude.. either go XP stylie.. with shadows or classic without.. THERES NO MIX N MATCH!!

    XP Stylie is normal to have shadows, classic is not.

    Now if your gettin shadows when your set at classic, then you need to reload the XP or classic theme. I dont mean appearance properties.. I mean theme.

    Active Desktop can effect this too, so check thats either on or off depending on what u like.
  3. seba79

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    start menu (classical or NEW), not a windows scheme
  4. seba79

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    where I can turn Active Desktop in WINXP ?
  5. engel59

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    Right mouse button click and choose <Properties>.
    Go to <Appearance> and click on <Effects...>.
    See if that will help.
  6. seba79

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    not help :(