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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Postscript, Feb 23, 2002.

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    I am using XP Pro (NTFS) and have encountered a rather peculiar problem. Every so often 90% of my screen will go blank; actually it turns into standard Microsoft grey/beige. A thin strip at the top remains visible and right clicking on that strip still works. The blank portion is totally dead. A file then appears on the taskbar with no name and which is impossible to close. If I click on restore desktop then the desktop reappers but the mystery file remains and clicking on it brings back the blank desktop. It is as if somehow my desktop has been bundled into a file and then locked away. Anbody got any ideas what is happening and why. I can't belive I am the only one to have experienced this problem.
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    I don´t have the same problem but it sound like some sort of virus. I´m not sure but it´s a pretty good guess. Do you use any sort of AV?

    Please tell more about your config so we can be able to help you.
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    Did you change the refresh rate of your monitor?
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I know it is not a virus. I am using Nod32 as my primary scanner with NAV Corporate as a backup. I am also using TDS3 for trojans.

    I forgot to mention exactly when this problem occurs. It is when I am closing a window usually either control panel or search. I hit close and then the mystery file appears.

    My setup is rather basic. 800mhz PIII on a Asus motherboard. Matrox G400 Max with the current certified driver. Three Fujitsu disks. 512mb memory (checked and found to be OK). Sounblaster Live card but using the drivers that came with XP. Adaptec SCSI card for scanner and CDR.

    As for screen settings, 1024x768 at 75mhz.

    My immediate thought was that it was a graphics card/driver problem but that would not explain the mystery file that appears.
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    I suggest that, as a last resort, you should back up any important data, and do a clean install of windows xp on your pc...
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    o_87 is right, you should do a format if you can't solve the problem
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    i have the same problem :(

    for a long time i have no idea how to solve it

    don;t wish to format since it never crash my com.

    wat to do.... hope any expert would help:confused: