Strange problem with all my browsers but JUST ONE PAGE!?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Shade2074, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Strange problem with all my browsers but JUST ONE PAGE!? (Solved)

    Edit: Problem has been solved. :eek:

    I have run into a strange problem that I can't seem to fix.
    OK my homepage is set to and this seems to be the ONLY page affected. NONE of the pictures come in. It has been like this for the past 3-4 days that I know of.

    When I use Internet Explorer here is what I see:

    <Image Removed>

    When I right click on the top picture that is supposed to say "Excite" this is the properties:

    <image Removed>

    The next thing I did was test to see if it happens with my other browsers, and it does. When I right click on one of the pictures that doesn't show up in Firefox, and then click on "view picture"

    I get this Alert:

    <Image removed>

    Now as a final test - just to make sure it is not the web site itself I tried browsing to on a second computer using the very same network/internet connection, and the page comes up fine!

    My first throught was that I had some kind of add blocker on - but I do not have any in place that I know of. I also turned off the firewall that comes with windows XP SP2 but I still get the same problem. This problems does NOT show up with any other page that I know of (at least none that I notice).

    Now - when I try to brows to using Internet Explorer the page doesn't come up at all. When I try through Firefox Mozilla I get that very same Alert again.

    Does anyone know what's going on here? How can I fix this (without reformating)?

    Thank you in advance for your time.
  2. American Zombie

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    Try going into Internet Options then click on advanced tab.

    Scroll down to multimedia and then make sure the show pictures box has a checkmark.
  3. Shade2074

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    Yes, this option was (and still is) checked. Remember this problem only seems to occur with this one page. All the other web pages I visit seem to look and behave normally. It's almost as if something in the computer is blocking access to like it was blacklisted or something, but I can't think of how I would have done it or what would be causing it.

    I did forget to mention above that I ran both ad-aware and spybot search and destry and came up with no problems (aside from the usual batch of cookies).

    EDIT: Update - I fixed the problem. Turned out that one of the programs I recently installed had a host file manager script that blocked what it thought was add sites. All is well now though. :rolleyes:
    Thank you again for trying to help out!