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    ok guys i have a n00bish friend with BSOD problems, he got me his last BSOD message and emailed it me. im trying to make sence of it.. so far all i know is its a driver issue

    now as far as i can gather the stop message should be

    0x000000D1 and thats pointing to a driver issue.

    i did a google on SVMTDI.sys and got nothing :(

    anyone shed any light on this ?.
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    Yes a driver for sure I used to get one similar to that from a cheap sound card that I had before my Sound Blaster Live I would suggest he goes over all his drivers and also try and find out what he was doing at the time of BSOD me it was only during one certain game and was because of the sound drivers I found updated drivers at it was fixed.

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    The SVMTDI.SYS file you referred to is most likely actually SYMTDI.SYS. This is the Symantec Redirector included with Norton Antivirus. I have seen this BSOD when XP was first released, and when using NAV 2000. To correct this problem, I have included links to the files you need to update the Redirector and also the SymEvent driver (older versions of SymEvent were problem-prone in XP).

    I've listed the info on the two updates you need at the bottom of this post. Download the two updates, and burn to a CD to install on the problem PC.

    Once you have the CD with the fixes on it:

    1. You will need to boot into Safe mode in XP. To do this, power the computer off and back on. Usually, you can wait until you hear the "beep" from the computer itself, then start pressing the [F8] key until you reach a "Windows Advanced Options" menu. If you miss it the first time (or don't hear a beep) then begin pressing [F8] right after you power on.

    Select "Safe Mode" (not 'with Command Prompt') from the list, then press [ENTER]. Then, select "Windows XP Professional" and press [ENTER] again.

    Once in Windows, open the CD-ROM and install both of the updates. Reboot, and cross your fingers.

    If the STOP error appears again, I would recommend that you boot into safe mode again, and uninstall NAV. Then, once it is working fine again, try re-installing NAV. An upgrade to a newer version probably wouldn't be a bad idea either.

    Hope this helps!



    Download Information:

    1. Symantec Redirector (used to scan outbound e-mail)

    Read more at:


    2. SymEvent
    Direct Download at:

    Read more at:
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    great stuff, i just emailed the easy version of that, scrap nav 2002 and install nav 2003 and update it :):) cheers m8y will give it a shot.