still cant change gfx card

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by antonyjcross, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. antonyjcross

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    Hello - I am trying to change my GFX card back to a Nvidia GF2 MX from my current card which is a Hercules Kyro II, after swapping the cards I reboot windows and it displays the white bar but will not get to the initial splash screen - the same in safe and VGA mode. . . does anyone have any ideas why?? - I have tried uninstalling all the Kyro II drivers but this still doesnt seem to work. . . all help appreciated. . .some info. . .

    Windows XP pro
    512mb ram , Athlon 1.6xp
    Kyro II gfx
    via 4 in1 drivers
  2. zman

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    Boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 and remove all instances of the old card in Device manager and anything else it has done

    Also might be a good idea to run a registry cleaner after -

    Then Reboot witht the Geforce card in