stereo recording inhibited with XP and PCI128

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by JazzyBaby, Dec 26, 2001.

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    I have XP on PII400 - 384 RAM and PCI 128 installed.

    Using the "line in" with a signal that comes from an analog mixer I work with, I can hear a stereo sound through the output.

    But When I try to record this sound (with the built in XP recorder or with CoolEdit 2000) I get a mono result.

    Whilr recording, On Cool Edit I can see that even if I pan from left to right the "line in" balance slide in WindowsXP mixer, both "VU Meters" (left and right) keeps moving.

    It is not a Soundblaster hardware problem.

    Using Windows98, that I have installed on another partition, all works fine.

    I tried to install the latest Creative drivers for XP with no results.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion....

    Arf, Arf

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    I totally agree with you.
    But before contacting Creative or Microsoft I want to be sure to make all the necessary efforts in order to get my board, driver or OS working.....
    You know.... Even if I've been using XP since two months I keep on being insicure....
    Should I?
    Probably not....

    And, moreover, I think that should be impossible to write down code for a soundcard driver and doesn't verify it (its main functions, at least.....).

    For all these reasons I prefer to ask the users community first.
    And this well organized portal, you're part of, is the best board to express all my founded doubts...
    I think is its main goal...

    If I can't collect any useful advice, I will step to the second phase (contacting the producers) and report in here any further discovered solution....

    Sniff, Sniff.....