Step-By-Step Guide to Formatting

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ZeroChaos, Mar 28, 2002.

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    My computer's been a bit slow and crap lately and since I'm on my Easter holidays, I thought it'd be time to format it. The trouble is, my past run-ins with formats turned out to be terrible, and did much worse than to fix problems.

    So, I'm wondering if anybody could make a how-to format our PC, if its not too much trouble. I'm running Windows XP Pro.
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    with xp you can just boot to the cd and when prompted format and install with fat32 or ntfs....just make sure you back up your shit and xp drivers...old school way boot using a win98 boot floppy select boot with cd support..note if you have ntfs wont see the partition unless you fdisk...with that the a:\ just type "format c: /u "/u for unconditional wipes squeaky clean as format can...then just type cd d: if d is your cd rom drive...then type cd i386 then type install or set up not sure which one..then follow the GUI prompts to load xp