Static Electricity problems?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Joose, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. Joose

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    I'm having problems, and it seems like static electricity.

    Say my computer locks up. I shut it off and then turn it back on, and i hear everything come on except the monitor which shows power but isnt getting any signal. I can keep doing this like 10 times and still the monitor wont pick up any signal.

    I used to work at HP as tech support and sometimes we would get computers to come up with a blank screen so we would have to turn them off and hold in the power button for like a minute to release all the built up static electricity. Turn it back on and it works.

    I do the same to my computer and it works as well. Why is this happening? What can i do to fix this?
  2. Qumahlin

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    um no offense...but in my A+ courses and tests I never heard of static electricity doing that LOL!!!

    If everything is turning on, except for the monitor it sounds like there is a problem with either the cable from the monitor to the board...I've had this plenty of times where the cable is frayed inside and if you jiggle it around or push in around the connection point it works...or it works by luck by rebooting 10 times :)
    or it's a vid board problem...but I doubt it's static!
  3. Joose

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    Ya it seems funny, but this is what Hewlett Packard claimed it was from. Its wierd tho because I have even changed out video cards (voodoo3 to a geforce2mx) and it still does it.

    ...and the 10 time reboot was just an example. Whenever i decide to hold in the power button to Discharge the power supply, i can finally get my monitor to come on.
  4. westy1

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    How old is the monitor,
    Can you plug the monitor into another PC, to narrow the problem.
    Can you degauss the monitor before you reboot.