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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rasemt, Sep 13, 2003.

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    During the startup of XP pro, a window pops up and it points to d:/programs. The folder is empty, I must have deleted the program originally in the folder and the folder was left behind.
    Where do I look to get rid of it?

    It is not in the config area.

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    Go into any folder and click Tools-->Folder options. Click the view tab and uncheck "Restore previous folder windows at logon". Hope this helps!
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    Is there anything inside your startup folder that doesn't start? The problem may be as simple as some missing quotes in a shortcut command. If a command reads i.e D:\program files\any.exe instead of "D:\program files\any.exe" Windows will only read until the space and start D:\program.
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    Well, the restore button is unchecked, and everything in the startup folder works. If I remember correctly, the folder used to have a spy where detector program, which to auto start in xp.
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    this little baby will add an startup box to your control panel allowing easy viewing and deleting of all items of a start up nature, start up folder and registry settings etc