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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by yoda, Jun 4, 2002.

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    My Problem is whenever I start up windows I see this and the reason is because I do not have:

    "Fast User Switching" or
    "Welcome Screen" Enabled

    I know for a fact that I do not need "fast user switching" or "welcome screen" enabled to be apart of a workgroup b/c I see no problems occuring while looking at other computers on the network, the only problem is this error which is annoying-

    Is there a way to stop this error from popping, up besides screwing up windows, or reverting back to a previous version of windows?
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    Well- 18 views still not 1 post- are you guys just not sure what I'm talking about or your are holding your opinions for some reason...
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    Although u may not NEED them, WinXP still has dependencies... just allow them to be used. How exactly do u get onto ur desktop if you don't have the welcome screen?

    if ur autologging in u still have the welcome screen.

    Even if you do not _NEED_ them just enable them to make WinXP shut up.