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Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by BouncingSoul, Mar 21, 2003.

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    Big time Linux newbie here. So heres the situation. I have redhat 8 dual booting with XP Pro. I want to remove Redhat and replace it with the new slackware. Problem is that I have redhat installed in the MBR with GRUB and I don't want to loose XP. So what I'm wondering is what should I do. Will Slackware allow me to remove and replace redhat without any probs or will I need to remove redhat first, where do I get slackware 9 ISO's? Also will I need to rebuild my MBR so I can get XP to load ... if thats the case how do I redo my MBR .. i've never had to do that before. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanx
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    I'm not sure Linux newbie and Slackware goes too well together to begin with...
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    best way to learn imo - i learnt a fair bit bout linux by using slack as a n00b
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    1) Delete the partitions containing your RH installation.
    2) Boot with a 98/ME floppy or get into the recovery console with your XP CD, and use the command: FDISK /MBR
    That will restore the original NT boot loader, and u will be able to boot into Windows.
    Then just install Slackware to it's own new partition, which will again install it's own copy of LILO to the MBR, so u can dual-boot between Windows and Slack.