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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Sneakydude, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. Sneakydude

    Sneakydude Guest

    i recently dl. the latest version of the StartBtn Renamer, and its great but, after about a minute to 2 maybe 3, it changes itself back to the original "start" does any one have a clue to why this is happeining?

    i think i should mention im also using style xp:p
  2. Aarow

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    You still have to delete or rename the file it edits in the "DLLCache" file. Or windows will replace it with the previous unaltered version. It is explained in the forums somewhere.
    sorry a little "Bourbon"ed out at the moment.
  3. atari

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    i dont have the dllcache to delete.. i have system and hiden files/folders visible...
  4. Sneakydude

    Sneakydude Guest

    well, i searched the board a little bit and i found a thread that talked about the program, but it didnt say how to stop windows from keep on changing it. i couldnt find the dllcache file or folder
  5. wahoo24jc

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    I never could get StartBtn Renamer to work either. You should just edit the explorer.exe. It is real easy to do and it wont reset itself.
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    The answer to your question is, that you should not use the program. The program is not very safe, I have heard about people screwing their systems up because of it. Instead use the following guide to rename your start button, by editing explorer.exe

    How to Hack Start Menu
  8. Darkwolven1

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    Wouldn't it be almost just as easy to use TGTsoft's Themebuilder and just make a new button since he is already using StyleXP? Just a thought.
  9. Sneakydude

    Sneakydude Guest

    never mind, i found the xml file
  10. wahoo24jc

    wahoo24jc Guest

    This was taken from I could not find the filelist.xml either, so I just did the following. Worked just fine for me. Hope this helps.

    The next 2 steps actually modify the explorer.exe file that is the windows shell so back it up first if you are uncertain what you are doing (to back up the file, open a cmd window and type -
    copy c:\windows\explorer.exe c:\windows\explorer.bak)

    4) Open the file c:\windows\explorer.exe with your exe editor and edit the text in following lines

    String Table > 37 > 1033
    String Table > 38 > 1033

    You just edit the text inside the "Start" to what ever you want and compile if necessary (depends on your exe editor - you will if you use ResHack)

    5) save the file as (file > save as) explorer.xp (back up this file to another disk if you want to save a bit of hassle after you recover the machine next time)

    Now you need to copy the file you've modified best way I've found to do this is to boot to safe mode command prompt although it's been suggested that you can stop the explorer.exe process with Task Manager, copy the fie in a cmd prompt then restart the process again - that worked for me but the origional returned after a restart. The next 3 steps describe how you copy the file

    6) restart the machine and start tapping F8 to get the start menu - choose safe mode with command prompt

    7) log on as Administrator and you'll be presented with a cmd prompt

    8) To copy the modified file just type
    copy c:\windows\explorer.xp c:\windows\explorer.exe
    assuming that's where you saved it to with your exe editor)

    9) Restart Machine and VOILA!
  11. Sneakydude

    Sneakydude Guest

    im confused now, i found the xml file, but now i cant find the explorer that is supposed to be in dllcache, its not there..
  12. wahoo24jc

    wahoo24jc Guest

    I dont recall doing anything with the dllcache. If you just do the steps I listed, it should work just fine.
  13. yoyo

    yoyo _________________

    If you have installed Service Pack 1 there is no explorer.exe in dllcache but instead in Windows\Servicepackfiles\i386.
    You are aware that you exclude Explorer from System Restore by adding it to filelist.xml?
  14. Sneakydude

    Sneakydude Guest

    well i made a mess, but i got it to work:D , thanks for the help wahoo24jc, i really got confused with the other instructions, i did what it said about the xml file, i dont use xp1 or systen restore, and i dont know what your talking about yoyo.
  15. ZAnwar

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    yeah, I contacted the maker of the Start button Renamer program. He said that the changing back of the start button to 'start' was normal. This is a crap program so I just used the tutorial aswell and it worked perfectly!
  16. wahoo24jc

    wahoo24jc Guest

    You're welcome sneakydude. Glad you got it to work!:D