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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by George, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. George

    George Guest

    IS there any way to add a folder or a shortcut to the right side of the menu where the contorl panel, find, run and other commands are?
  2. ExWhap

    ExWhap Guest

    Easy with the classical start menu (THE start menu)

    Right Click.




    Browse > Find what you want to make a shortcut for.

    There ya go.
  3. George

    George Guest

    Exactly that yes ...

    i have tried with Xsetup and other tweak programs .. none has this option.
  4. idlehand

    idlehand Guest

    Well if you didn't know this allready you can drag an icon to the start menu and have the link there.. on the Left hand side. Hope that is some help
  5. ExWhap

    ExWhap Guest

    Yes, you could just drag em to the start bar in EARLIER versions of Windows, but you cant do that in XP, or my xp is acting weird.

    You _cant_ just drag em' to the start button
  6. PGreen

    PGreen Guest

    Any news to this topic? :confused:

    Has anybody found a way to achieve this?
  7. terrypin

    terrypin Guest

    1) You *can* drag shortcuts from desktop or elsewhere direct Start button in XP.

    2) In the new style menu, that list of 'most recently used programs' (default 20, but up to 30 of them) is pretty useless. (See my separate post here, advising that it doesn't include programs started from the Quick Launch icons, for example.) So I suggest removing it by making number = 0. That leaves space for *pinning* programs.

    3) To pin a program: Start > All Programs then click until you reach the program. Then use r-click menu to Pin to Start Menu.

    Terry, West Sussex, UK
  8. PGreen

    PGreen Guest

    What I'm talking about is the right column in the "new" start menu.
    I want to modify and add stuff under "My Documents", "My Pictures", "My Music" and "My Computer".
    Can't drag'n'drop anything there....

    Would've been great to have My Games and My Downloads.


    Anyone? AlecStaar?
  9. terrypin

    terrypin Guest

    One more time: YES you can! Well, on the top *left* rather than top right - but that's a trivial difference. Just do this:
    1) Open My Documents (or wherever you have \My Games)
    2) Lefy click and drag to the Start button
    3) Keep it there for a second or so, until you see it appear.


    Terry, West Sussex, UK
  10. George

    George Guest

    We all know how to do it on the left side ... but guess what .. we want to do this on the RIGHT side .. /see Control pannel, My computer, My documents, Run..., etc. etc.

    Thnx 4 trying to help anyway :D
  11. George

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  12. yoyo

    yoyo _________________

    You can at least add one item to the right side of start menu by using Brander XP ( I added a shortcut to regedit. Don't know whether it is possible to put several items in it.
  13. Timeo27

    Timeo27 Guest

    Ok, if you goto start menu properties and click on the start menu tab and then the customize button (assuming you're using the luna menu) there are options to display/not display my docs, my music, my pics, etc.

    I remember how much I hated how it always put a my pictures folder and my music, etc into my documents, as I like to arrange things for myself. Anyway, while searching I came across a way to get rid of these types of folders permanently, and in the process I think I also found how to make more of these "my ..." folders, like "my downloads" etc. So I believe, that maybe if you were to create these "my" folders in the right manner, they would appear as options under the customize menu, thus appearing in the RIGHThand portion of the start menu.

    Whew. That was long.

    Anyway, maybe someone else knows more about this and can elaborate, but in the mean time, I'm going to dig up everything I can on "my ..." folders and see if I can't help out.

    Cause although I hate those kind of folders, I'm always up for a challenge.

    Edit: Looks like yoyo beat me to it. Oh, well. If anyone's still interested, I could still try to find out.
  14. Dirk Diggler

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