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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Engineer, Oct 30, 2002.

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    On the left hand side of the XP start menu there is a list of commonly used programs, a shortcut for those programs that one uses more frequently, that Windows keeps a tab on.

    My question is this. How often does that list refresh itself? It seems that I have to use a program about 10 times before it shows up there. Right now there is a pgm there that I haven't used in a while. what gives?

  2. madmatt

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    The list is updated every time you open the startmenu. XP keeps track of how many times you run a program, and once it surpasses the last one on the list it moves up in the list. You can change the number of programs on this list by right clicking an empty space on the startmenu and selecting properties or by right clicking the taskbar and choosing properties, startmenu tab, customize.

    You can also remove programs from this list by right clicking on the shortcut and choosing remove from this list. And lastly, you can add programs to the top part of the list by right clicking and choosing pin to startmenu.
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    I sure wish there was a way of locking the programs that appear on that list. Anybody know of a way of doing that without going to the classic start menu? Or am I just dreaming?
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    Keep start items permanently by right clicking entry and choose "pin to start menu"
    Scan items in list and adjust ,by using "Tweak UI"/Task Bar / Start Menu