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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by VanDane, May 29, 2002.

  1. VanDane

    VanDane Guest

    Is there any software that lets you change the start menu for each user that is on the computer?

    I have 5 accounts: Administrator, My main one, two other in house users (these are limited accounts), and one guest account.

    I'd like to have all items in the Admin, and my account showing, just a few in the limited account, and 2 in the guest accounts.
  2. bytebandit00

    bytebandit00 Guest

    dunno exactly of a program... but u can tweak/trick every program links in the start menu... if that's waht uR refering... once u rights the start button and choose explore,.. u can drag/drop or place some links that is exlusive only to that particular user..., it's just a matter of re-arranging some program links..
  3. stuy_b

    stuy_b Guest

    Go to documents and settings folder, all users, startmenu, and cut and paste which items you want , at the top level (documents and settings) there will be seperate folders for each user, each with a startmenu, again you can move the shortcuts to programs around.